Cisco, Snowden, Canberra and Hacking…. Has Australia’s Parliament House been bugged?

Over the past couple of weeks since Edward Snowden started making accusations against the US Intelligence community as a whistleblower, there’s been a lot of focus on the level of engagement that IT companies such as Google, Skype, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo have with the more clandestine elements of the US government. But while there’s […]

A wander down “Jubilee Street” with “Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds”

Late yesterday my old friend John Murch (aka RadioNotes) from Radio Adelaide gave me a heads up about Nick Cave’s new down-beat track, “Jubilee Street”.  Now given the amount of times that I’ve pestered him (and Triple J’s Rosie Beaton) over the years with requests for songs by “Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds”, it’s […]