Tony Windsor’s Response to Abbott’s NBN…. via TuneFM 106.9

By Kate Doak.
By Kate Doak.

Tony Windsor did an interview with my old radio station TuneFM at the University of New England earlier today.

Tony Windsor ~~ Picture: Alan Pryke The Australian

As some of you would be aware, this is the radio station at the same University that Windsor, Barnaby Joyce and Guardian Australia’s Katherine Murphy went to in their heyday, which The Hon Richard Torbay was the Chancellor of up until recently as well.

While I’ll do an indepth analysis of the interview later, Windsor went into detail about topics as diverse as Coal Seam Gas, the National Broadband Network, the corruption cases surrounding Craig Thomson and Richard Torbay, the political scandal surrounding Peter Slipper and the political leadership style of Tony Abbott.

Regardless of your political ideology, this is a pretty thought provoking interview and is likely to twist the proverbial tails of a few politicians at both the State and Federal government levels.

Podcast link – (courtesy of TuneFM 106.9)